Pinchina Consulting was born in response to the dire urban planning needs of vulnerable communities, made apparent in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Today, Pinchina remains committed to strengthening the institutional capacity of governments and local communities in terms of their ability to adequately respond to their land-use, economic development and environmental needs.


Pinchina exists to positively influence the physical, social and economic development of vulnerable communities – wherever they are.

In the face of rapid urbanization worldwide, growing socioeconomic inequalities, increasing instances of natural disasters, and varying governance capacities in developing countries, Pinchina Consulting is planning and designing cities for the future. The critical community-driven urban planning services, project management and policy-based research support that we provide empowers local stakeholders to take ownership of the present and future wellbeing of their communities – from the visioning to execution of comprehensive, actionable and sustainable urban plans.


Pinchina endeavors to be a leading consultant to local and national governments, multilateral organizations and other global institutions working at the intersection of development planning, citizen participation, and local governance. As a result, vulnerable communities will be better equipped to guide the holistic development of their land – and essentially their future – by way of our unique service offerings.

What We Offer

Urban Planning

Making healthy connections between people and place so that vulnerable communities are better planned for in the present and longer terms.

Project Management and Implementation

Managing stakeholders, resources, timelines and more in order to achieve successful outcomes.

Policy-Based Research Support

Contributing cutting-edge policy solutions that impact the built, social and economic wellbeing of communities.

Our Process

01. Project Assessment

Initial consultation between prospective client and Pinchina Consulting

02. Prospective Approach

Background research, conceptual modeling and a timeline for firm engagement

03. Proposal Draft

Draft proposal delivered to prospective client with follow up consultation for review

04. Project Plan

Finalize proposal and execute project plan with ongoing monitoring and evaluation