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Our blog exists to share our Haiti-related project and news updates, our research concerning urban planning and community economic development, as well as personal and professional insights from Pinchina Consulting's founder and team - a dynamic group of people who dare to believe that their contributions can actually change the world. We welcome guest bloggers so be sure to contact us!

December 19, 2014   Posted by: Vanessa Leon

The Mountain View, Port au Prince

With the hustle and bustle of Port au Prince, I sometimes like to get away and stay at this lovely bed and breakfast called Vue La Montagne – the Mountain View. I first stayed at this locale in March 2013 when my mom travelled back to Haiti with me for her first time in 24 years. When I decided to spend my birthday in Haiti a few weeks ago, I just knew that I had to go back! continue reading »

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November 15, 2014   Posted by: Vanessa Leon

Vanessa Leon featured, “New Planners on the Block”

An an emerging professional, I was honored when Planning magazine – of the American Planning Association (APA) – reached out to me for a feature piece in the November 2014 issue entitled, “New Planners on the Block.”

The piece highlights continue reading »

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November 15, 2014   Posted by: Vanessa Leon

From Haiti to South Africa, Brooklyn to Harlem

When I decided to become an urban planner, I did not set out to start a movement. I certainly was not imagining an international career. Finding myself at a personal and professional crossroad as a result of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, I knew that continue reading »

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August 6, 2014   Posted by: Vanessa Leon

Lessons from a Park Bench

I have a bad habit of shrugging off other people’s compliments or expressions of gratitude. Part of it is, I do not like a lot of attention. The other part is that I genuinely enjoy helping people so when I engage in an act of kindness, it is no big deal to me.

As I was sitting on a park bench the other day, an elderly gentleman approached me asking if I had four quarters for a dollar. His speech was not as clear and earlier I had witnessed him talking to himself so I simply concluded that perhaps he was mentally disturbed (which sadly is not all that uncommon in New York City). Without even thinking or bothering to check my wallet, I instantly said, continue reading »

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