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Our blog exists to share our experiences with urban planning in Haiti, our research regarding China's growing presence in the Western Hemisphere and our thoughts on environmental challenges affecting developing countries. We also offer insights on entrepreneurship, life/work balance, and professional development from time to time.

May 2, 2014   Posted by: Vanessa Leon

40 Urban Leaders, Vanguard 2014 and the City of Chattanooga!

On April 24th-26th, I had the privilege of joining my fellow colleagues who were also selected as one of “40 Urban Leaders Under 40” for the 2014 Next City Vanguard class. The gathering was rich with knowledge sharing where we were able to immerse ourselves in topics such as stabilizing distressed communities, technological innovations in cities, and the evolution of public/private partnerships (among others) – with a key emphasis on gleaning important insights we could take back to our respective communities. continue reading »

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April 11, 2014   Posted by: Vanessa Leon

Water is Good but a Water System Would Be GREAT (Project Update)

Most of us living in or raised in more developed countries do not necessarily think about where our tap water comes from. To the extent that we do is usually when it is no longer functioning as expected. Other than that, we just use it without thinking twice – or at least that’s what I did prior to working with a remote mountain village in Petit Goave.

When it comes to water access in places like Haiti, however, many of us mean well when we conclude, “Let’s just give them water,” typically bottled water at that, without much thought to the long-term sustainable provision that something like a water system would allow for over time (I mean even in Haiti people need water to do things like bathe, cook and clean, no?) continue reading »

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April 9, 2014   Posted by: Brian M. Knapp

Vacationing in the Caribbean, All-Inclusive or Exclusive?

Tourism by its definition sounds like a fantastic proposition – where an individual or a group gains a quality experience in a new region, where positive aspects of a local culture can not only be seen but delved into in a way that satisfies all of one’s senses. For sure there is this inherent idea in tourism (with the root word being ‘tour’ of course) of getting out and attaining pleasure from the world around us, so much so that many countries’ slogans for the industry are a testament to this, such as Jamaica’s “feel the vibe” and “get out and about” which can even be seen on their tourism website.

But what happens when there is a divide between the industry and the localities where tourism occurs? continue reading »

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March 24, 2014   Posted by: Daphne Lundi

Getting on the Map

Living in New York City, it’s easy to take for granted that wherever I want to go, most likely, I would be able to find it on a map. Everything from restaurants, schools, hospitals and government institutions has a mapped longitude and latitude with an address that is public and easy to access.

One of the most fundamental benefits of mapping is the ability to continue reading »

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