China in the Caribbean

For over a decade, the People’s Republic of China has been financing and constructing a wide range of infrastructure projects such as roads, sports stadiums, hospitals and schools throughout Latin America and the Caribbean – though the impact of China’s involvement is not being felt equally. As a result, we are supporting Caribbean communities, professionals and leaders in particular to better inform how they respond to and engage with China’s activities in the region so as to maximize the long-term physical, economic and social wellbeing of recipient communities.


Haiti Restoration and Transformation Pilot Project

Working with our partner Community2Community (C2C), we are supporting a community in Petit Goave, Haiti with a long-range plan that bolsters community economic development by responding to the severe environmental degradation that has crippled attempts to spur the local economy and improve livelihoods.


Looking to work with us?

The projects that Pinchina Consulting engages in are locally driven and are committed to working closely with community stakeholders. Such initiatives should:

  • Have a clearly identified locality that it is operating within;
  • Have a significant impact on the physical environment and community (at least five – twenty years); and
  • Demonstrate a commitment to actively working with the community, particularly with local governance institutions.


Feel free to contact us with inquiries or for more information!